Karishma Samat Reviews BBLUNT Full On Volume Range

Tired of limp and flat hair ruining your hair game? The BBLUNT Full On Volume Range is what you need to get that volume back in your hair and flaunt your thick and luscious locks. Find out more about it in Karishma Samat’s Review and see how her hair got a glam makeover with the added volume. Karishma Samat Reviews BBLUNT Full On Volume Range As the air starts to lose moisture due to the cold, dry weather, so does our skin and hair. Living in Mumbai, it feels like we have 3 months of cold weather and the rest of the months are scorching hot! Though I love the winters, the most annoying sidekick would have to be dry, brittle, itchy scalp and hair. No matter how healthy you may think your hair is winter always seems to leave it lifeless and limp. I do have fine hair. Do not get me wrong, the density of my hair is thick but the quality is very fine. I must say that it’s not easy maintaining fine hair in this weather. It tends to frizz and entangle very fast. The ends dry up quickly and also the texture worsens with any simple chemical treatment. It also falls totally flat which is something I cannot deal with. I love the magnanimous volume in my hair. Light, bouncy, fluffy feel brings a smile on my face. Due to this, caring for my hair with the correct hydrating and volumizing products is a must for a natural, healthy luster that is soft, silky and smooth. I tried the new range from BBLUNT products and they did the job for me very well this time. I used the BBLUNT Full On Volume Shampoo for Fine Hair, BBLUNT Full On Volume Conditioner for Fine Hair and the BBLUNT Blown Away Volumizing Leave-in-Spray & BBLUNT Full On Volume Trio and the results were fantastic! Karishma Samat Reviews Shampooing less often is beneficial to your hair, but if you have to wash every day, like myself, BBLUNT Full On Volume Shampoo for Fine Hair is very handy. I start with taking a coin size amount of the shampoo in my palms and gently massage it into my scalp. The lather of the BBLUNT shampoo is great and it helps leave the hair incredibly soft, shiny and smooth. It has a thin, almost gel-like, clear, with a slight white-ish tint consistency that feels incredibly lightweight, yet nourishing. It instantly revitalizes the hair and provides pure hydration that helps cure dry, damaged hair after a single wash. It gently cleanses the hair, without stripping it of its natural oil or colour and does a wonderful job at removing all product buildup, dirt and oil. Totally obsessed with the scent, it’s a light and refreshing aroma. Using a volumizing conditioner each time you shampoo is an additional bonus for adding that extra bounce in the mane. A dime size amount of the BBLUNT Full On Volume Conditioner for Fine Hair is all you need to help maintain that volume in your hair throughout the day. Since it absorbs within seconds, there’s no need to wait for 5 minutes to see the full effect. It helps to leave the tresses more manageable. It has a slightly richer, creamier and thicker texture than the shampoo, yet absorbs into the hair cuticles to immediately detangle and add extra life and volume back into dull strands. You want to ensure you coat each strand by gently massaging throughout your hair, focusing on the tips and working your way down. After letting it sit for a few minutes, rinse out with lukewarm water. It applies evenly, washes clean away and leaves hair touchably soft. It helps to keep knots and fly-a-ways at bay with a fresh and invigorating scent. Karishma Samat Reviews For maintaining fine hair at home I swear by a few tips and tricks, which I would like to share in this blogpost for all the girls and boys with a similar problem. The first step in transforming your fine hair back into strong, glossy hair is to always handle it with care, especially when it’s wet or damp. If you’re currently battling dehydrated hair than the chances are you have brittle and fragile hair too. If you brush, comb or even towel dry your hair too roughly you can not only cause breakage but you can cause split ends as well. Try not to scrub too hard when washing, use the tip of your fingers to gently work and massage the shampoo into your scalp, roots and ends of your hair. When finish washing, gently squeeze out any excess water, never ring out your hair by twisting and twirling it. If at all possible try air drying your hair or at least pat dry with a towel, never twist it up or tie it up in a towel. This will cause even more damage and also cause frizz and fly-a-ways. Another thing to keep in mind, try to use lukewarm water over hot, as this is dehydrating. Finally, it also comes down to the correct brush. Use a comb instead of a traditional brush, as they tend to be more harsh and damaging. Use a wide-tooth comb to gently comb through your hair to help untangle knots and give it a smooth, soft finish. It’s more forgiving on your hair and it also doesn’t pull out or break your hair. Fingers are a great alternative and can also double as a massage. I talked about letting your hair air dry briefly above, but this really is the key to healthier hair. I know we all have the urge to reach for our hair dryer, but this is one addiction we need to let go of. I know it makes our hair look incredibly shiny, and when we’re in a rush in the morning we don’t necessarily have the time to wait for it to dry on its own, but heat damage is a real thing and is a sure way to cause breakage, split ends and is just overall unhealthy for both our scalp and locks. Cutting back on the blow-outs will instantly bring your hair back to its natural texture, shine and strength. But if you’re an addict of the dryer like me it’s important to use a heat protectant product before hand to control the excessive damage. The BBLUNT Blown Away Volumizing Leave-in-Spray & BBLUNT Full On Volume Trio does 2 jobs in the bottle of 1. It not only protects the hair from the heat but also locks in the volume that we all desire. If big hair is your thing then this is your go-to product. The best part is that it’s so easy to use. All you have to do it flip you tresses upside down and spray the product all over your damp hair starting from the roots. You can leave it to dry naturally and if you like that fine finish then go for an all out blow dry. Its lightweight, fluffy and airy formula doesn’t weigh my hair down or leave it looking oily. If you have the confidence then go big on the volume. Karishma Samat Reviews I’m sure that these few tips and tricks along with the BBLUNT Products will ensure you transform your current fine hair into healthy, strong and glam hair in as little as a few weeks. With the correct hair care routine along with the right products you can look your best at all times! Karishma Samat Reviews Karishma Samat Reviews Karishma Samat Reviews Karishma Samat Reviews Karishma Samat Reviews Karishma Samat Reviews Karishma Samat Reviews
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