Karishma Sharma's Journey With BBLUNT

The temperature goes up when she enters the room. This drop dead diva is a cut above the rest, and her talent on the screen knows no bounds. She’s bold, she’s confident, and she’s not afraid of experimenting with her hair. That’s why we love her and call her a #BossWoman. Karishma sets the screen on fire with her roles and off screen, her superb sense of style is just as hot. Check out how she gets a Disco Quickie on the journey with BBLUNT – How To Rock Karishma Sharma’s Disco Quickie Look It can’t get better and easier than this! The Disco Quickie Look is your go-to party look when you need a hot makeover. Get Your Hair On A High With BBLUNT The title says it all. It’s time to get your hair on a high and Karishma can show you how. Karishma Sharma’s Favourite Hair Colour What’s her favourite hair colour? Find out how she likes to style it up and pick your shade! Want to check out some more Boss Women for inspiration? Read about Kritika Khurana’s Journey With BBLUNT
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