Katrina Kaif’s Hair Evolution Over The Years

Katrina Kaif laid down her claim as B-Town’s queen a few years ago with a string of super hit movies. She continues to remain a force in the industry along with being a sassy trendsetter. Over the years, Katrina has regularly updated her hairstyle in order to show her adventurous side. Safe to say, with a pretty face like that, not much can go wrong! Join us as we look back on some of Katrina’s best hairstyles over the years. Katrina Kaif’s Hair Evolution Of The Years Katrina Kaif Source – PC Wallpapers 1. Messy Curly Bun Katrina’s casualness brings about a seductive look. With her messy tresses playing the part, she comes across as super sexy. A great hairstyle for all occasions, formal and informal. Katrina Kaif Source – Indian express 2. The Hairband Look When Katrina was new in the industry, she sported a hairband bringing about a look of sweet innocence. Over the years she has grown into a stylish, and classy woman, oozing grace. Katrina Kaif Source - wiseshe 3. The Side Ponytail Every B-Town actress has had a ponytail phase. Katrina takes it up a notch with a well-done side parting. The contrast appears to work for Katrina, but then again, what doesn’t? Katrina Kaif Source – hairstylemonkey 4. Loose & Curly Layered hair and relaxed curls. A good option for informal and laidback occasions, particularly for outdoor events. This loose look allows Katrina to showcase her luscious, thick and wavy hair with freedom. You can get your hair healthy too with the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum. Katrina Kaif 5. Straight & Long Today Katrina opts to keep it simple with a side parting and her hair falling loosely on her shoulders. The simplicity brings about a sense of grace that only seasoned industry A-Listers can pull off. Kat got your tongue? Check out Katrina Kaif’s Hairstyle Looks.
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