Know All About The Quiff And How To Style It To Perfection

The quiff has always been the quintessential classy man hairstyle! Its transformed through generations of men, from James Dean to John Travolta, the quiff has been around not only in the world of cinema, but in the business world as well. The quiff is classy and classic; it never goes out of style! To get that classic quiff, you need to brush your hair upwards and backwards away from the forehead. You need a bit of product to keep that quiff held up all day long! Blow drying from the side after using the product adds both shine and volume to your quiff! So boys, before you go ahead and try on the quintessential quiff, heres a few tips you need to follow before you style your quiff to perfection! Know All About The Quiff And How To Style It To Perfection 1. Put On The Product The quiff comes out best on towel dried hair. Apply a gel or molding clay onto your hair after drying it completely with a towel. Work the product all over your hair so that it is distributed evenly. 2. Blow Dry & Brush After applying the product, blow dry and brush your hair upwards from your face. Keep your hair dryer on a low temperature and repeat the same on the other side of your hair. 3. Brush It Out One you are done blow drying your hairdo, brush it up to perfect your quiff. Dont over use the hair dryer as you can dry out your hair. 4. Hello Hairspray Boys, if you want your quiff to maintain itself through the day or night, dont forget to spray on some hairspray! This will give it volume and good structure. Thats all youre ready to go. Youll definitely stand out of the crowd and look different!
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