Lazy Girl Hair Hacks

Mornings start with a cup of coffee for everyone, but not for most girls if you know what we mean. We want our beds, and I’m sure all the other girls out there want it as well. All girls have the right to absolutely fabulous hair, but for those who are a bit too lazy, we understand! 6 Lazy Girl Hair Hacks 1. Ponytails That Tell Them Off Ponytails are a savior when you’re having a bad hair day. A small trick to keep your pony high and proud is to use bobby pins for extra hold. This is the best way to maintain a polished pony without really trying at all. 2. Underestimated Up-Do’s An up do could not get any easier than this. Split your hair into two parts, tie a knot and then just swirl them and pin them up. If you want you could add a big statement clip to it to make it look eye catchy, and edgy. 3. Roll It Up, Rapunzel Leave your bangs alone and roll up your long locks with elastic hairband. Now take all your hair and start rolling it in an outward direction from below. Once you reach there just tuck all that hair in the band and you’re ready to go! 4. The Tuck & Cover Wear a headband around your hair leaving some forward hair alone. Comb your hair well in the front and then easily start tucking that hair in your headband. This will cover the headband from behind, giving it the chic look only from the front. 5. One Sided Braid Your one sided braid will keep you happy with nothing expected in return, so when you’re feeling lazy to look good, go for this hairstyle and you won’t regret it. Start with parting your hair and twisting it from the roots on the side you want your braid. Make a braid from the top with hair that was side parted and braid it halfway. All you have to do now is place one bobby pin vertically and then place the other bobby pin horizontally to hold your braid well and your messy hair better. 6. Top Knot Tuesdays We know how Tuesdays can get, but you can sport the top knot on any day, not only when you’re lazy! Tie up all your hair in a messy top knot above your head and be sure to look top notch! Which lazy girl hair hack are you going to go for first? Come on don’t be lazy and try them all!
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