Leonardo DiCaprio’s 5 Best Hair Moments Through The Years

Yes, it finally happened! The internet probably broke down when Leo was called onto stage. Everyone has been rooting for him ever since his debut on screen with ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’. Ever since the beginning, Leonardo DiCaprio has given us moments of sheer joy, passion, surprise and hands down proper girl Fan-dom! He finally landed a sexy golden lady for his performance in The Revenant, but we all know that he deserved the Oscar for his overall contribution to Hollywood and let’s face it, all of humanity! Let’s celebrate the prestigious actor’s Oscar with him. Check out Leo’s best looks through the years that make us go loose in the knees. Our hearts will go onnnnn, if you know what we mean. Leonardo DiCaprio’s 5 Best Hair Moments Through The Years The Jack Dawson Leonardo DiCaprio stole every girls heart after Titanic. The side flick and those blue eyes is all we’re asking for, seriously. Leonardo Dicarpio 2 Spiked & Sexy Let’s face it, Leo could sport any hairdo, but the spikes gave him that irresistible teenage boyish charm! Leonardo Dicarpio 3 Gelled Up Gatsby If anyone could pull off this sleek hairdo, it’s Leonardo DiCaprio. The portrayal of The Great Gatsby meant getting into the character completely. Leo had this look for quite some time even after the movie. Leonardo Dicarpio 1 Man Bun & Beard This was a passing phase after the filming of his Oscar winning movie, The Revenant. The hairdo added a more serious and intense layer to Leonardo DiCaprio, as if we aren’t awestruck by enough! Leonardo Dicarpio 4 The Final Cut This look will always be embedded in the history of The Oscars! Leonardo DiCaprio sported a sleek and classic hairdo for his winning moment on stage. This is the look to end all those Oscar memes out there. You go Leo! We’re so proud. Leonardo Dicarpio 5
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