Lock Those Locks For The Perfect Curly Hair Do

Curly hair is the best asset and one should accentuate it! It can be styled with very little efforts, giving you an enviable hairdo in no time. Remember the dimpled beauty from Dil Chahta Hai? Those curls worked wonders for Preity and even till now, it remains as one of the most memorable celebrity hairdos. Seeking inspiration from this curly babe, we bring to you the perfect curly hairdo! Lock Those Locks For The Perfect Curly Hair Do 1. Tame The Curls Rinse your hair with a mild shampoo and towel dry them gently. Use a wide tooth comb and detangle your curls. Take BBLUNT High Definition Curl, Curl-Defining Leave-In Cream and apply it evenly all over your hair. Start from your tips and go up to the roots, focusing more on mid lengths. 2. Time To Dry After applying the cream, flip your hair upside down. Set the drier to medium heat and slow speed. Attach a diffuser to the drier and gently blow dry your hair completely. 3. Enhance The Curls Take small sections of hair and twirl them around your fingers to accentuate the curls. This will add to the natural movement of your hair. To top the look, spray with BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish, For Instant Shine. 4. The Perfect Shade If it is the Preity Zinta look that you are after, then you would like to colour your locks to a crisp reddish-brown. Use BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour In Mahogany, Reddish Brown 4.56. To check out the other looks from Dil Chahta Hai click here.
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