6 Quick And Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

You can do a lot with your long mane! Are you experimenting enough? Up, down, on the side or puffed up it all works well with your hair. Just like putting on your best dress for a night out, it’s time for you to get your hair looking envious too! 6 Quick And Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair 1. That easy bed head look This look is so easy and fabulous at the same time! As soon as you wake up from your slumber, just spray a little serum and smoothen out your hair and you are done! 2. Get those waves going The tousled wave look goes with any occasion and is easy to style! Wrap your tresses loosely around the curling iron to get those glamorous waves. 3. Up-dos Gather up some of your hair, puff and pin it up with the help of a few bobby pins. Leave the rest of your hair down, giving your shoulders some company. This half up, half down look, goes with anything you wear! 4. Part a little For all your casual outings, the side look works amazing! Create a deep side part and tuck your hair behind your ear. Use an iron to give your hair some bounce and body and voila, you are ready! 5. Vintage curls are always a good idea This look takes while to get right! If you’re short of time, just curl your bangs up to perfection and pin the rest of your hair at the back. For those romantic nights, this hairdo looks great! 6. Pony it up high Make a dramatic high pony with a little puff at the front, so your hair does not look flat. If you need more volume clip on some extensions or add some volume based product, to make your hair look full and bouncy.
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