Maia Sethna Gets Boho Waves With BBLUNT


One of my favourite runway looks is #bohowaves  I love going with large, billowing curls as they create a wild and free-spirited vibe . Here's how I've simplified this style so that you can create it on yourself in less than 5 minutes:

1. I shampooed & conditioned my hair using #BBLUNT Born Again Shampoo & Conditioner For Stressed Hair. This is as essential as beauty sleep is to your skin - it revitalizes and strengthens your hair. This shampoo, conditioner combo is enriched with Quinoa, that’s ideal for building hair strength. Total damage control!

2. Next I apply BBLUNT Blown Away Volumizing Leave-In Spray on my damp hair. Just a couple of spritz of the product and incredible fullness, body and bounce in your hair is guaranteed. It lasts all day long!

3. Now I simply use a curling wand to achieve the desired waves.

This technique works on any texture, from straight to curly, as it helps to create and define pristine ringlets & voluminous curls

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