#ManeGirls Gia Kashyap's 'First Impression Review'

They say the first impression is the last impression. Gia Kashyap from 'Gia Says That' reviewed our products! See what impression we made on her. As soon as I came across the BBLUNT hair products at their salon, i couldn’t get my hands off them. I had the urge to empty the entire shelf but decided to resist my temptation & ended up with just 3 products (It was the packaging that got me!) Here’s a list of the ones i purchased: BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream: Works like any leave-in conditioner. Apply it on damp hair & style as usual. I noticed that my hair got smoother & it was easier to style with the product in my hair. Quick tip: Just apply it to the ends BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo: It might work on thinner hair but if you have thick & long hair like me, you need a lot of product. I usually use this product on my fringe or crown area for extra volume. Quick tip : Carry it in your handbag to refresh your updo BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish: Like any other shine-spray, this does wonders if you want a glossy look. Make sure to spray just a bit or you will end up with greasy hair. Quick tip: Once you flat iron your hair, spray this bad boy all over the ends to make your split ends less visible. Overall, i am glad i came across their product range as it was worth the investment. You can find it online HERE or at any BBLUNT Salon. (Quick tip: Consult one of the BBLUNT stylists so that they can suggest hair products that suit the texture of your tresses). Check out the article here.
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