5 Men's Hairstyles To Go For This Summer

This summer calls for fade outs, volume tops and buzz outs! So lads, it̢‰s time for you to begin your little summer experiment and we̢‰re sure the result is going to stun you. So get ready for a whole new look this summer, 2016! 5 Men's Hairstyles To Go For This Summer

1. Summer Love This summer calls for some bounce. This brushed up look works amazing for this season. You need to work your way with blow dryers and brushing your hair the right way to get your hair looking up at the sun. This requires a tad bit more maintenance to achieve, but hey, we̢‰re sure you can handle it!

2. Being on the side, ain̢‰t that bad The side swept look, will never get out of style. You just need a bit of hair gel to set your look on the side and you are done!

3. Disconnected & Dishevelled Get a bit edgy and disconnected with this style. This trend is really catching up! Your hair is basically all over the place, and chicks dig it. So when are you experimenting it? 4. Buzz Cut Perfect for the weather, and easy to maintain! This shaved look goes

with a beard or any other look you are trying to pull off.

5. Spike it up Get the sides down to a 1 at a medium high length, keep the top long and use some gel or wax to hold those spikes high up!

6. Fade and volume A low fade on the sides and a hell ton of volume at the top is one summer hair trend that̢‰s getting hot by the minute.

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