4 Men's Hairstyles Trends That Are Here To Stay

Some hairstyles are evergreen! We’ve covered them below from the classic side part to the macho pompadour. What’s your next hair revolution going to be? Take a look below to help you decide the right cut. 4 Men's Hairstyles Trends That Are Here To Stay 1. Fade Into Style This has been a popular hairstyle for years now. This cut has many variations including the classic, low and mid. This is more of a low maintenance haircut and lets you use your creativity at the top of your mane. 2. Undercut Ready? Long on the top and short on the sides is what an undercut is all about. This is a universal hairstyle, whether you have curly, wavy or straight hair it all looks great! You can style it the way you want and leave the length as per your preference. 3. Pump That Pompadour This volume haircut is similar to the fade and undercut. What differentiates it mostly is the large volume of hair at the top which gradually recedes towards the back. All the best men have sported this look, to name a few the King himself, Elvis Presley and the handsome James Dean. 4. Give Way For The Side Part This is a classic trend that will never go out of style. It’s clean, neat and looks beyond professional. Perfect for men with thick straight hair and goes well for all the occasions you must grace. Once you're done updating yourself on the trends, check out these hairstyles that you need to know how to do!
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