5 Men’s Hairstyles Your Girlfriend Wants You To Have

Would you do anything for your lady? Change your hairstyle maybe? We have got the hottest hair trends that will make your girlfriend be more into you, than you will never know. From the short to the long, these styles are sure to get your girl weak in the knees! Try them now and you’ll know what we are talking about. 5 Men’s Hairstyles Your Girlfriend Wants You To Have 1. Act and look like a gentleman If you have short hair, this style will work best. Create a part at any one corner of your eyebrow. Use a styling product and blow dry to seal the look! The result? A gentleman’s puff at the front with a smooth mane at the back. 2. The raw look Get a layered haircut and your rugged look will always be on point. Rub some hair gel on your fingers, run them through your roots and tips of your hair and let your haircut do the rest! 3. Longer the better Leave your hair long for better luck with the ladies! All you need to do to achieve that perfect style, is blow dry your hair at the back, use a lightweight hair spray and run your fingers through your hair to prevent those flyways. 4. Short swag Maintaining this look is a bit of a task, but it’s all worth it to get the end result! Use a sulphate- free shampoo to shampoo your hair and follow it up with a thick conditioner. While your hair is wet, cover it up with a shower cap and leave it one for a few minutes. Remove it and deep conditioner your hair and let the shower cap remain on your head for 20 minutes. Just rinse your hair with cold water and a hair mask for moisture. Clump your curls up and you are done! 5. Wave hello! Spray some hairspray onto damp hair. Blow dry your hair while you run your fingers through the hair to keep the natural look balanced. To finish off the look, apply some styling product on to your hair.
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