Messy Or Dressy- 5 Mens Hairstyles Every Guy Should Know How To Do

Is your lady tired of your hairstyle? Experiment with a whole new look! Put it up, leave it down or any other way you and your lady like it, and sport it with anything you wear and you are going to look as macho as ever. Messy Or Dressy- 5 Mens Hairstyles Every Guy Should Know How To Do 1. Slicked back The slicked back look is one timeless hairstyle that your man must know! To sport this look to perfection, use a wet gel or a pomade to hold the look together and give it that shiny touch. Keep combing your hair on repeat and thoroughly. Dont go for products that will make your hair look too rigid. Products that make your hair appear thick are the ones you must invest in! 2. Set those curls If you are born with those rugged curls, style them using a flexible product, like a lighter mousse. The messier the better! 3. Go the length You should try the long hairstyle at least once! Pull your hair behind your ears and use a bit of hairspray to set it in place and you are done! Make sure the look doesnt look too structured, to nail this look it should look a little disheveled. 4. Part it sideways First step to this Don Draper look, is find your most flattering side and use a bit of gel to flip it over your most gorgeous side. You need a silky product for that shine and that magazine cover look! 5. Tie the bun The only problem with this hairstyle is getting it right in the first go! If you have a defined bone structure, go for the tighter look. For those with rounder, smaller faces go for a messier bun to make your faces appear longer.
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