5 Mistakes That Make Your Hair Greasy

Ladies, we need you to focus on these points that could turn that grease into gorgeous. Take a look below and you will be happily surprised! 5 Mistakes That Make Your Hair Greasy 1. It’s Not Enough Are your applying enough shampoo on your mane? The oil, debris and product build-up gets collected on your scalp and weighs your hair down. This is why you need shampoo enough to get rid of this. So when you shampoo make sure you wash and rinse your hair properly to remove the unwanted build- up. 2. Too Often When you shampoo your hair too often, it causes your scalp to get dry and ultimately causes frizz. To maintain that oil balance, the scalp produces excess oil which makes your hair look greasy. 3. Control The Conditioner When you use conditioner on your oily scalp, it becomes worse. You need to make sure that the conditioner is only applied at the mid to the ends of your hair, away from your scalp. The conditioner hydrates and makes your hair shiny. 4. Hot Water If you shower with hot water it makes your hair incredibly dry! To balance this out, the body produces excess oil, making your dry hair oily. But, ladies there’s a simple solution. Use lukewarm or cold water to wash your hair and avoid a greasy mane. 5. Too Much Brushing When you brush your hair too frequently, it tends to make your hair greasy. Brushing your hair only opens up the pores and makes your scalp oily. So don’t brush your hair excessively, give it a break.
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