Monsoon Friendly Hairstyles For Long Hair

A long mane is hard to handle in any weather, but with the frizz and the humidity from the rains it can make you want to pull your hair out in frustration! Keep the scissors on hold. We will show you how to roll with those tall tresses with these monsoon friendly hairstyles. Monsoon Friendly Hairstyles For Long Hair A Ponytail Ride In The Rain 1. A Ponytail Ride In The Rain Want to save yourself from the monsoon hassles? Pony up your mane! Add a dash of style to your regular pony with a side braid. Simple and sleek, the side braided ponytail is a wonderful monsoon hair hack. It’s The Season Of Buns 2. It’s The Season Of Buns Buns are the classic way to lift up your outfit. This monsoon, try a top knot or a messy side bun to keep the frizz and the grease at bay. Now, nothing can stop you from enjoying the rains. It’s Raining Braids 3. It’s Raining Braids Braids were meant for the monsoon, atleast we like to think that way! Keep your long hair out of the way with a fishtail, French or milkmaid braid. This is one hairstyle that you can truly make your own. Don’t be afraid to experiment. When it comes to braids, the rule is make it your own style! Sonakshi 4. It’s Pouring Waves When the humidity and frizzy hair gets you down, learn to go with the flow. Create a messy wave pattern and show off those gorgeous curls! Check out, Hair Care Tips For The Monsoon.
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