Monsoon Hair Care Guide For Men

You’ve had your dose of tan lines and summer vibes. It’s time you welcome the monsoons to relieve you from the tedious heat! Men we know, your hair turns into a frizz ball, face dullness, and even worse still-dandruff. That’s why guys, you need to follow a crucial hair care regimen, no don’t get scared, your hair care regimen won't be boring at all! We’ve brought the laziest hair care routine for you to follow during the monsoon. Read on to get hooked to your monsoon hair care and flaunt your hair just like your biceps.

1. Wash Your Hair Daily

If you’ve been planning to skip your showers this monsoon, you might just get busted! Even if your hair is not directly exposed to the rain, wash it regularly to get rid off all the dirt and pollutants. The dirt during the monsoon can get stuck to your scalp, causing it itchy and leading to inviting dandruff! You definitely don’t want that! The idea is to cleanse the scalp gently on a regular basis to avoid any further hair damage. But washing your hair every day can also be time-consuming when you’re in a rush. Then, you can opt for . This will leave your hair fresh and make you feel like you’ve just come out of the shower! Now, how cool is that?

2. Condition Regularly

Rest of the year you might go lazy, but guys don’t skip on your conditioners during monsoon! If you want your hair to feel like a million bucks, using a conditioner is a must. While your hair is exposed to ultimate frizz, climate change then using a good conditioner will be heavenly drops of molten gold! You can opt from the . It not only helps in repairing your damaged manes but also in intense moisturization and hydration.

3. Keep Your Hair Dry

Just as important it is to wash your hair regularly it is also important to dry it. Keep your hair short and scalp dry during the monsoon season. Use a hairdryer to dry your hair but make sure you don’t bring the dryer too close to your scalp, to avoid damaging your hair. Pro tip - Get yourself a regular trim to beat the humidity.

4. Avoid A Lot Of Styling Products

Monsoon is just not the right season to overload the styling products on your hair, dear men! If you use any styling products keep the usage to minimal. The products increase sweat in your hair and they become hard to move. Hence, avoid using a lot of styling products to protect your hair.

5. Maintain A Healthy Diet

Last but not the least, keep your diet in check! While you take care of your hair during the monsoon, you also need to keep the nourishment level intact with a high protein diet. Eating plenty of whole grains, nuts and vegetables can help you grow your hair faster and healthier. During the rainy season, you don’t feel much thirsty and hence, the water intake goes down. So, keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Guys, it's not a lot this hair care guide has pretty simple and quick tips to add to your daily regimen. With this hair care guide, we are sure you won't get tangled in any hair troubles and you will easily sail through the monsoon season. Interested in more monsoon care? Check out Hair Care Tips for Men During The Monsoon!
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