My Experience With BBLUNT Products For Fine Hair - Kiran Dani

Well having straight, silky and fine hair has its pros and cons. Though it is easy to manage and at times it doesn't require any styling but there are few cons as well. Immediately after washing the hair, the hair goes completely flat. There is no volume at all. No amount of volumizing mousse nor teasing of hair helps to provide the hair with volume. I have straight and silky hair as well as an extremely oily scalp. I had to change shampoos million of times. There was not a single hair product which catered to my hair needs. Either it would provide volume but cause a lot of hair fall or either it would control hair fall but the hair would be absolutely dead and would lack the shine. As well as there were hardly any products specifically for fine hair. But luckily one day when I went for shopping I came across the BBLUNT counter and saw that they had a specific range of products just for fine hair. I picked up the BBLUNT Full on volume shampoo for fine hair, the leave in volumizing spray and the back to life dry shampoo. That random purchase at the mall was totally worth it. I have been using BBLUNT products for the past 2 months and I can guarantee that I wouldn't stop using it at all. From the first wash itself I saw a tremendous change. First BBLUNT's Full On Volume Shampoo for fine hair comes in a very attractive bottle and the quantity is more than what you pay for. The shampoo instantly gave my hair the life and bounce it was missing and also it controlled my hair fall. It also cleans the scalp of all the dirt and the excess oil. It has a slight bit of fragrance which is quite pleasant but not too overpowering. Price: Rs.550 Mini Travel Size Product: Rs.100 Next is BBLUNT's Blown Away Volumizing Leave In Spray. Both the products go hand in hand. I spritz the leave in spray on my damp hair after I have washed it with the volumizing shampoo. The spray gives the additional volume to the hair as well as helps the bounce and shine stay for a long time. Price: Rs.550 Mini Travel Size: Rs.225 The last product which I bought was BBLUNT's Back To life Dry Shampoo. Now surely we all have those days where we are too bored to wash our hair or we are in a rush therefore we don't have the time. Dry shampoo is definitely your best friend. For me personally dry shampoo is a must. I have an extremely oily scalp and especially after a day of working out the hair close to my roots become completely oily and I can't do anything with such limp,lifeless oily hair. I can't wash my hair daily because that causes more oil to secrete and more hairfall. The BBLUNT dry shampoo does the job for me. It absorbs the excess oil and grime and revamps my hair. It has a slight bit of fragrance which is quite bareable and not too strong. Instruction To Use: Shake well before use. Hold it in an upright position, six inches away from the hair and spray it evenly close to the roots. Leave on for 2-3 minutes and massage it thoroughly. Price: Rs.550 Mini Travel Size: Rs.250 The best part about BBLUNT products are that they are specifically for Indian hair and are also available in mini travel size bottles. So if you want to give it try at first you can use the small size products. They are quite inexpensive and also enough for you to observe the changes in your hair. All these products are available on Click here to see more images.
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