6 Natural Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

It’s a fact that we all shudder when we find our brush or comb with our hair strands or even worse when they gather and make their very own circular black hole formation on the ground. No one wants to see their precious long locks falling on the floor! Take charge of your roots and follow these simple natural home remedies that strengthen your hair and prevent hair fall. 5 Natural Tips To Prevent Hair Loss
  1. Juices They aren’t only good for your body but they’re beneficial to your hair as well! Natural juices are the best remedy to prevent hair loss. Rub your scalp with garlic, ginger or orange juice and sleep over it. You’ll wake up with hair that’s stronger and less prone to hair fall.
  2. Daily Massage Who wouldn’t want one? A daily head massage helps stimulate circulation and benefits your hair follicles. Make it a point to indulge in a 10 minute massage every day; it helps with your daily stresses as well as your hair fall! You could also use oils like lavender, coconut or sesame for an improved circulation.
  3. Improve Your Iron No, we aren’t talking about your hair iron! Lack of iron weakens your hair and makes it more prone to hair fall. Improve your iron levels by eating your spinach, eggs, meat and all kinds of greens.
  4. Meditate, It’s Great Meditation improves hormonal balance which is also a root cause of hair fall. Stress causes you to pull out your hair, literally! So take some time off in the day to restore some balance to your mind and see your body, mind, soul & even hair benefiting from it.
  5. Cover Up We’re exposed to pollution, dust and heat daily which causes our hair to get weaker and more damaged. Prevent your thick, luscious locks from falling by tying your hair when you’re out in the sun or covering up with a scarf. Take all the steps necessary to protect your mane, whatever the weather.
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