New Years Looks With BBLUNT - Gia Says That

Gia Kashyap celebrated New Years with BBLUNT! Check out what looks she's chosen to bring in the new year with a bang. WootWoot! New year۪s just around the corner. My plan for now is to welcome the New year with my loved ones. Other than the time consuming New year party preparations, one other aspect that takes up our time is what to wear. Though our outfit might be glamorous, it۪s also important to pick a hairstyle that goes well with it. Considering it۪s 2016, why not start it with a fresh new hairstyle? Today, I am going to show you 2 simple ways to style your fabulous tresses. The best part? It takes just 15-20 minutes to create these updos. BIG FESTIVE CURLS The glamorous curls is a look you could create for New year۪s party, wedding, cocktail night or any occasion where you desire to play around with your hair to give it a more distinctive look. Here are a few simple steps you need to follow in order to achieve this look. Firstly Shampoo & Condition your hair with BBLUNT Intense Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner For Seriously Dry Hair. These moisture-rich products suit me the best as they make your hair look healthier and shinier. You can always check the range of all their shampoos & conditioners to see which one suits your hair type. Also, did you notice how cute the conditioner bottle looks? I am all about the packaging! Later use a concentrated amount of BBLUNT Climate ControlAnti-Frizz Leave-In Cream through mid-lengths and ends of your hair. This product keeps frizz away all day long and enhances your hair۪s movement so it can be styled ever-so easily. Now that you۪ve already rubbed BBLUNT Climate Control Anti- Frizz Leave-In Cream intro your hair, which does wonders in protecting your hair from any sort of heat damage, it۪s time for you to blast dry your hair. It۪s fine if you air dry it as well but who has the time? Now take small vertical sections of hair and secure it with rubber bands. It۪s almost like making mini-ponytails all around your hair. Start curling the section with the BBLUNT X3 Professional Hair Curling Wand and secure each section with a clip so it cools down. -Let the hair cool down for 5 minutes after which you can remove the clips from the sections. Do you notice how gorgeous the curls look? Team these fab curls with an equally fab outfit and you۪re ready to go! Talk about party perfect! I۪m going to be ringing in the new year in these gorgeous, bouncy, head-turning curls. EDGY PIN-UP LOOK Do you know the best thing about this new year? That it۪s followed by a weekend! So now that the party is over, it۪s time to spend the lovely new year weekend with our loved ones. If you۪re planning a family brunch or dinner with your colleagues, you will need to be going for a more Put together۝ look. Here۪s a hairstyle for you which will add glamour and elegance to the first day of your new year: -To create this look, shake up the curls you created last night to loosen them up. Run your fingers through your hair and you will see the curls break. Now take all the hair to your left side and start twisting your curls from the start of the right side of your hair. Bring these twisted curls to the left side and use plenty of bobby pins to pin them at the back so that it doesn۪t loosen up. Use the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine to finish this posh hairstyle. This will add gloss and set the whole do in its place. This to-the-side hairstyle instantly amps up your entire look by adding a twist to it. Hope you guys liked the two looks I created for my New Year weekend using the salon-in-a-bottle products by BBLUNT hair-styling experts . Let me know what style you۪ll would be adorning! What a perfect way to kick-start the new year. May every day be a good-hair day this year! 7J4A796817J4A79567J4A75607J4A75477J4A75757J4A76437J4A76527J4A76987J4A77087J4A77377J4A77897J4A77247J4A7745 For more information, click here.
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