News Dog- 7 Shades Of Shiny Hair Colour For Women

Let’s be honest, even if you’re in your twenties, you’ve all tried coloring your hair at home.  More often than not, the color comes out OK, but it’s never as shiny as it looks on the box. Sure, you could go to the salon and have them do it in the first place, but sometimes your hard earned cash needs to go on other things, like a sale or, you know, rent – and so it’s never really a win-win. Although that might just change. BBlunt just launched their own line of at-home crème hair color and their secret weapon is a shine formula called, Shine Tonic. While most home color packs come with just a colorant and a developer, BBlunt’s range of shades includes an additional tube of shine enhancing formula that will lock colour in for what they promise will look like salon-ready shiny hair. The launch includes seven shades: Coffee Natural Brown, Mahogany Reddish Brown, Wine Deep Burgundy, Honey Light Golden Brown, Blueberry Blue Black, Chocolate Dark Brown and Natural Black. For further information, click here
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