Night Out Curls to Beachy Waves

Karishma Rawat has a hairstyle hack for you that’ll change the way you look at bed hair. Tired after a night of crazy partying with no energy to style up your hair again the next day? Don’t worry. With Karishma’s tips, you can turn your party curls to beachy waves in no time! Check out this quick hack Night Out Curls to Beachy Waves Today I have got for you two easy to create hairstyles: Night out curls which will take around 20 minutes, and then working with the night out curls to achieve beachy waves the next morning! Because who doesn’t like to save time in the mornings right? NIGHT OUT CURLS Karishma Rawat 1 Karishma Rawat Karishma Rawat To get started, I am taking 4-5 pumps of BBLUNT High Definition Curl-Defining Leave-In Cream and working it through the length of my hair. This product enhances curls and waves and also tames frizz, along with protecting your hair from environmental and heat styling damage. Karishma Rawat Now as I am planning to use a curling iron, I want my hair to be completely dry before I start the process. I am blow drying my hair but you can even let your hair air dry if you have enough time. Karishma Rawat I am using the medium sized BBLUNT’s X3 Professional Hair Curling Wand to curl my hair. Partition your hair into sections in order to be able to curl your hair with finesse. As I am going for soft curls, I will only be dividing my hair into two-three sections. Feel free to divide your hair into as many sections as you require to get the kind of curls and volume you desire. Karishma Rawat Now I am taking sections of my hair and wrapping it around the curling Iron for 10 seconds. The heat resistant glove makes the whole process a lot easier! Karishma Rawat I am going to finish the hairstyle with BBLUNT Spotlight Hairpolish. This light weight spray gives hair a glossy, smooth finish and makes your hairstyle stay in place. Karishma Rawat Karishma Rawat Ta-dah! Now I am all ready to step into a club looking fly! BEACH WAVES Karishma Rawat Review It will literally take five minutes to achieve this hairstyle. Perfect for a lazy day! Firstly, I am going use BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo in the fragrance ‘Beach Please’ for instant freshness. This dry shampoo absorbs any excess grease and grime, adds texture and makes your second day hair (or fourth day hair, who are we kidding) easy to work with. Karishma Rawat Review Hold the can in an upright position six inches away from your hair and spray evenly, close to the roots. Leave it on for a minute and then massage the product into your hair. Karishma Rawat Review You can use a curling wand again to touch up your hair if necessary. I am going straight to the next step. After running my fingers gently through my hair, I am going to take a small section from the front and braid it. Karishma Rawat Review Now I am taking the front section of my hair from the opposite side and pinning it with the help of bobby pins. Karishma Rawat Review Karishma Rawat Review A few sprays of BBlunt Spotlight Hairpolish to make my hair shine like a star. Karishma Rawat Review Karishma Rawat Review And voila, my five minute beachy waves hairstyle is done!
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