Nilu Yuleena Reviews the BBLUNT Full On Volume Range

Check out how Nilu Yuleena’s fine hair looked all day after using the BBLUNT Full On Volume Range of products. It’s your go-to solution for the days when you need to lift your hair and spirits up and give it a little bounce. Nilu Yuleena Reviews the BBLUNT Full On Volume Range If you have noticed, I always have frizzy looking voluminous hair. It isn’t that my hair has so much volume and texture, it’s just that I use styling products to add volume to my hair. So I was introduced to the BBLUNT Full on Volume Range and I decided to give it a shot. I think this product is great for someone who has an oily scalp and whose hair lacks volume. I decided to document my day after testing the products and allowing my hair to dry naturally. BBlunt-Full-on-Volume-Range-Review-1 BBlunt-Full-on-Volume-Range-Review-2-1 (1) So to write this review, I started with the Shampoo and post the shampoo, I carefully followed the instructions in the packaging while applying the conditioner. I carefully squeezed out the extra water from my hair so that the conditioner could permeate into my strands properly. BBlunt-Full-on-Volume-Range-Review BBlunt-Full-on-Volume-Range-Review BBlunt-Full-on-Volume-Range-Review Post the hair wash, I applied the BBLUNT Blown Away Volumizing Leave-In Spray exactly as was instructed in the bottle. That is, applying the spray on upturned hair so that the spray enters the roots to create volume. I also applied the spray to crown of my head just to add more volume to that area as that is how I like to have my hair styled. After that I just made a hair partition and was good to go. Nilu Yuleena I documented my day while taking pictures of the hair at varying stages of drying. And I must add I’m impressed by the results! BBlunt-Full-on-Volume-Range-Review BBlunt-Full-on-Volume-Range-Review If you’ve been looking for a voluminizing product, I must write this one really does the trick. The products are formulated for colour treated hair and I think for me, a hair product that protects my hair colour is mandatory.Rest assured, I’ll be reaching out for the these products very frequently, especially the BBLUNT Blown Away Voluminizing Leave-In Spray which I found to be really useful when I want to add more volume and texture to my thick hair. I hope you liked this review and have an amazing day!
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