#NoCommitment This Valentine's Day

The day of love and everything romantic is here, and you’ve probably got plans with your special someone. But if you haven’t, and you’re happily single, we’re going to make sure you hit the town and have some fun. Who says you need a relationship to celebrate Valentine’s Day? This year, forget long term and give yourself a hot makeover with our #nocommitment hair colours and extensions. All you need to do is step out of the house – the dates will line up on their own. Check out these looks.   BBLUNT Hair Colour Extensions 1. The Disco Quickie Permanent is cool, but a quickie is cooler. Give your gorgeous hair a sexy twist with the BBLUNT Colour Quickies Clip-On Hair Extension in Cherry Pop Red and get yourself a disco quickie. You can style it however you want and take it off anytime! With us, there are no rules, only fun! BBLUNT Temporary Hair Colours 2. The Blue Bang Not sure what’s your type? Then don’t commit. Keep it subtle and sexy with a colour bang and a killer look. The BBLUNT One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour in Blue Velvet is your ticket to fun with no commitment this Valentine’s Day! BBLUNT Temporary Hair Colour 3. The Jäger Bun Step into the club with that Jäger bun and you’re in for a night to remember…or not. When you look like our bombshell diva Shalini, there are just so many options to choose from! Well, now you don’t need to choose just one. Have fun with whichever BBLUNT One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour you want and we promise, you can forget about them the next morning. Life looks good when there’s no commitment, and so does your hair! Need some hairstyle tips for your big date night? Check out these Valentine’s Day Hairstyles.
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