Tips To Rule Over Your Ombré Hair Colour

Going ombré? Then you have to read this! To get the brilliant soft colour on your ends you need to keep a few things in mind. Check out your ombré rule book below and get ready for a lustrous new you! Tips To Rule Over Your Ombré Hair Colour 1. Watch Your Tone One of the biggest mistakes with ombré is a brassy tint. This is often the result of using bleach on dark hair that has reddish undertones. A hairstylist will generally know to follow up bleaching or highlighting with a corrective toner, but if you’re colouring your hair at home be sure to add a cool or ashy color-depositing hair toner post-lightening to remove the orange and yellow tones. 2. Harsh Lines Stay away from the demarcation lines of dark to light, that’s never a good look. Ombré should look natural and sun-kissed rather than just a colour job. Stylists usually use a hand-painting brush to evenly distribute and blend in the colour. 3. No Drastic Change Always consider your natural hair colour before you go ombré. If you have super dark brown or black hair, your ombré shouldn’t go any lighter than a soft medium to light brown. For blonder tones, you can go much lighter towards the ends of your hair. On a general note, the lighter your hair is, the lighter your ombré can go! 4. Trust Is Everything Ombré hair colour requires technique and experience that most stylists have. It would be a better option to let your hair stylist carry out this colour change on your mane to get the result you have always dreamt off. Your hair stylist knows exactly where to place the highlights from to make it look most flattering on your hair.
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