Our Style Director Aditi Featured In The DNA

Getting featured in the media is in our DNA, so here we are getting featured in DNA! All thanks to our customer favourite, talented stylist - Aditi. Our style director at BBLUNT, she believes that the Pigtail has made a fashionable entry back into the market. It’s no longer consigned to only the cute little 10 year old, but can be worn in a diverse way to satisfy the adult and make you look edgy or chic. On speaking about this trend, Aditi says, “Wear it textured, if not messy. Make sure it's not too clean and tight as then it looks a bit school-girlish. For the placement, it can be to one side or to make it a bit edgy, you can make a mohawk braid through the center and open it out by pinching the loops in each braid and tugging on it so that it gets fullness.” She further adds, “For wavy and curly hair, it’s easier as the hair has a lot of texture naturally, loose pigtails go really well for wavy and curly hair. For straighter hair, a fishtail can be worked with as the braid itself has a lot of texture. Crimp the hair before braiding it to give extra fullness for fine, straight hair. Make use of a crimper to give fullness and intricate texture to your style." We see our favourite celebs sporting the trendy pigtail now in a variety of ways. Katy Perry has been there with her pigtails knotted into a bun on each side of her head. We see Rita Ora rolling up her loose side pigtails, looking edgy. It doesn’t only have to be relegated to the ones with short or medium length hair. All you girls with extra-long hair can also try their hand at this trend provided they do it playfully. You can check out the rest of the DNA article here
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