Top 10 Party Hairstyles For Your Special Occasion

Mood swings are prevalent within all of us! At times we are in the best of moods to experiment with the sassiest of hairstyles and sometimes we need to force ourselves to even ace the simplest of hairdos. Get your hair on a high no matter what mood you are in with some easy party hairstyles. These minimalistic yet gorgeous hairstyle ideas are sure to put you in the best mood for a party! party hairstyle

  • Colour Quickies To The Rescue

      1. Sudden party invitations might sound fun but are the most stressful of them all. In such a situation, all you need is a two-minute glam fix. Use the
    BBLUNT Colour Quickies Clip-On Hair Extensions
        to perk up your mane and get your party hairstyles ready instantly. Leave your voluminous tresses open or adorn the one-sided braid with a different colour each time.
    party hairstyles for coloured hair

  • The Triple-Topsy Tail

      1. The classic ponytail couldn’t get a better makeover than this. If one ponytail looks dapper, imagine how fabulous 3 of them would look, one on top of the other. Use the
    BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair SerumBBLUNT Friday Night Fever Trio
        to give it an extra shine, and you’re good to go! Give your ordinary ponytail a twist with this cute party hairstyle.
    party hair style
        Courtesy: Luxy Hair

  • The Flower Braid

      1. This dazzling hairstyle will make you the talk of the party for sure. This is definitely the go-to hairdo for every lazy girl. Choose one of the 5 gorgeous shades from the
    BBLUNT One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour, BBLUNT One Night Stand + Climate Control Leave in Cream, BBLUNT One Night Stand Threesome
        range and amp up this style with the colour that brings out the best in you.
    easy party hairstyles

  • Princess Curls

      1. A gorgeous hairstyle doesn’t mean hours of effort. Go for classic curls at the next party as they are simple and easy to get! Use the
    BBLUNT Blown Away Volumizing Leave-In Spray & BBLUNT Full On Volume Trio
        to achieve the look. So ladies, keep it simple and elegant with this party hairstyle.
    hairstyle for party

  • The Sleek Ponytail

      1. Look chic by opting for a classic ponytail. This hairstyle has different variants; you can either opt for a low ponytail with a middle parting or go for a sleek high ponytail. Don’t forget to spray some of the

    BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine & BBLUNT Friday Night Fever Trio

        to add that extra gloss to your mane. This party hairstyle will give you a neatly defined look.
    party hairstyle ideas
        Courtesy: Instagram| @dishapatani

  • Wonderful Waves

      1. For that absolute diva look, get the wonderful wavy hairstyle! Just divide your hair into sections and curl them away from the face using a curling wand. Use the
    BBLUNT High Definition Curl Defining Leave-In Cream & BBLUNT Perfect Balance Duo and Curl Defining Cream Duo
        to give the enhancement and definition to your gorgeous twirls. This is a classic hairstyle for parties.
    party hairstyles for straight hair
        Courtesy: Instagram| @dianapenty

  • The Poker Straight Hair

      1. An oldie, but a goodie! The poker straight hairstyle goes well with everything! Whether it’s your bestie’s cocktail or a date night with bae. All you need is a hair straightener and you are good to go! Keep a clean middle parting or flip your hair to one side to add the extra glam. This party hairstyle is here to stay!
    braided party hairstyles
        Courtesy: Instagram| @therealkarismakapoor

  • Side Braided Bun

      1. Spotted on a lot of celebrities lately, this side braided bun is an edgy twist to a
    classic bun hairstyle
        . This party hairstyle looks asymmetrical and luscious and is great for people with medium to long hair. Try this distinguished hairstyle idea for the next event you have to tend to!
    party hairstyles for short hair

  • The Bob

      1. Like your way to be low-maintained and don’t want to spend hours every time you need to hit the party? Go for the most trending party hairstyle of 2018, the bob! Keep it sleek & straight or scrunch it up with some curls, either way, you will be looking like a Bollywood diva!
    hairstyle ideas
        Courtesy: Instagram| @shahdaisy

  • The Halfsie

      1. This year another trending party hairstyle is the extremely chic and attractive halfsie! Give a flattering uplift to any party outfit, whether that shimmering dress or a casual set of separates with this dapper hairstyle idea! Feeling Inspired? Check out
    How To Transform Your Hair From Day To Night.
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