6 Party Hairstyles For Men You Can Pull Off

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve just around the corner, we’re sure your calendars are filled with exciting parties to attend. You want to walk in like a boss to all these parties, and for that, you need the perfect hairstyle to turn all the heads around. Well, you don’t need to look too far to find the sexiest hairdos for men. Check out some of the hairstyles donned this year by our favourite Bollywood boys and choose your go-to style.

6 Party Hairstyles for Men

Up-Styled with Short Sides


Courtesy: shilpaahuja.com

1. Up-Styled with Short Sides After Varun Dhawan in Badrinath Ki Dulhaniyan and Shahid Kapoor in Rangoon tried this style, needless to say, it has become a sizzling trend in the industry with other men also sporting this hairstyle at various occasions. The key is to keep your hair longer at the top and shorter at the sides and comb the tops diagonally across. Set the do with the BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel and you’re good to go.



Tousled Hairstyle


Courtesy: shilpaahuja.com

2. Tousled Hairstyle The magic of carefully-messy, straight-out-of-bed hair never goes out of style. There’s a fine line between untidy and tousled hair, and you know the tousled hairdo is on the right side of that line. In this hairstyle too, the secret is to keep the tops longer and sides short, and ruffling your top hair carefully with the BBLUNT itMATTers Zero Shine Moulding Clay to hold it exactly how you want to for the perfect bed-hair look.


  Comb Over Hairstyle


Courtesy: shilpaahuja.com

3. Comb Over Hairstyle This hairstyle has been on the red carpets and ramps quite a lot this year, and we can see why. It’s a great way for men with wavy and medium-length hair to flaunt their natural hair in the best way. All you need to do is push your hair back with a comb and style it with the BBLUNT 3D Texturizing Wax Paste for the added sheen and desired volume.


Side-Parted Hair


Courtesy: inside.news.com

4. Side-Parted Hair This one’s a classic, and always works well for when you need to bring out the gentleman in you. Carefully create a side parting with a thin comb, and sweep them on your preferred side. The BBLUNT Total Control Maximum Hold Fibre Paste will help you get the sleek and classy look while making sure your hair stays in place throughout the night


The Ponytail


Courtesy: avnor.us

5. The Ponytail Not many men can pull this hairstyle off, and if you can, you’ve got some serious swag. If you’ve got long hair and want to style it up, this look is for you. Comb it back to give it a sleek look, and keep a small classy ponytail to make the girls go gaga. Once again, the BBLUNT 3D Texturizing Wax Paste is what you want for that perfect texture and volume in your hair.


The Retro Hair


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6. The Retro Hair Sometimes old is gold, and in this case, it’s definitely true. This blazing mix of sass and sophistication is a winner for men with curly hair. A floppy top and conservative sides give the much-desired retro look. Use the BBLUNT Total Control Maximum Hold Fibre Pasteon your towel-dried hair and get the perfect shine for the full effect. Want some more inspiration from one of our Bollywood trendsetters? Check out Varun Dhawan’s Best Hairstyles.

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