Popular Haircuts For Men In 2019

The haircuts and hairstyles for men are constantly changing. Just like women, men too have preferences and the options to don a particular hair look. Heck, some might even say that men are more particular about their hair than women in today’s era! From a fade and taper undercut to quiff and Mohawk, there are a range of looks for men. These popular hair trends are updates on classic men’s hairstyle. Of course, there are barbers all around the world with their own take on the hairstyles which in turn starts new trends. Ultimately it does not matter the hair length, whether short, medium or long, every guy will find some hot hairstyle ideas over here! Let us look into some of the most popular haircuts for men in 2018.

haircuts for men
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1. The Crop

The textured crop haircut has gained a lot of momentum this year. Originally from Europe, this haircut can now be spotted all over the world. It is the perfect haircut for men who do not like to spend a lot of time styling their hair. The shorter hair on top is combined with a fade on the sides and then styled with the help of the

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2. The Pompadour

Voluminous and dramatic, this hairstyle has been passed down through generations and has managed to still stay in trend. To achieve this look, your hair needs to be longest in the front and gradually will get shorter towards the back of the head. Use the to slick those strands and make them stay in place.

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3. Ivy League Haircut

Been passed down by generations, the Ivy League haircut is an easy hairstyle which any man can pull off without any complications. The distinctive features of this cut include short hair parted to the side with faded sides. It looks dapper and goes with all looks that a man would love to sport!

men's haircut
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4. Angular Fringe

In the recent years, men have proved that the fringe is not limited to women. Men can also slay this haircut with a lot of swag. The top can then be paired with an undercut or high fade and line up. This look is also a great way to show off highlights. If you want to try your hand at hair colour without any commitment then go for the

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5. Tapered Haircut

Striking the right balance between sophistication and versatility, the tapered haircut is a look that suits most men. This haircut consists of short hair around the sides, which is buzzed down with clippers. At the top there is length throughout the hair, leaving flexibility in your styling choices. To give it a cool look, style it lightly with the

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6. Crew Cut

Don’t just side-line the crew cut thinking it is a hairstyle for the military men. It is the perfect haircut to maintain for a practical and busy man. The best part is that crew cut styles are versatile – you can keep the hair on top short or grow it long enough for a side-swept finish. All you need to do is tell your barber to make the best use of his clippers on you.

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7. Slicked Back

One of the most popular and trendy hairstyles in the year 2018 is the sexy slicked-back hairstyle. With a modern slicked back haircut, a man can combine a low or high fade with long hair on top to create a stylish and cool hairstyle. Some even prefer to get a slicked-back hairstyle with an undercut, giving a different angle to the hairstyle. Now the next time you visit the salon, you know exactly which haircut to go for in order to look dapper! Bollywood stars are more up your alley? Then check out, Aamir Khan Hairstyles You Will Love

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