Pout Pretty Reviews BBLUNT's Product Range

Pout Pretty reviews BBLUNT's Spotlight Hair Polish, Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream & Back To Life Dry Shampoo: Adhuna Akhtar’s BBLUNT chain of salons is nothing short of an iconic institution in the area of hair styling in India. Think of any cool hairstyle in a Bollywood movie and 90% chances are that Adhuna or BBLUNT was behind it. When BBLUNT decided to also venture BBLUNT is an award winning and a professional team collectively having an expertise of over 100+ years. Specially created for Indian hair, these BBLUNT products work amazing well while protecting the hair from the environment and heat styling damage. And unlike the other popular Hair Styling products, these are conveniently available online and in major Salons across the Country. BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream A versatile cream that ensures the hair looks great, however hot, dry or humid the climate is. It enhances natural movement of the hair and smoothens it, making it more manageable. How to use: Works best on damp, towel dried hair Take a small quantity into your palms and apply evenly, focusing on mid-lengths & ends, keeping away from the scalp. Style as desired. Price : Rs 450 for 150 gm Availability: Nykaa and BBLUNT website My thoughts on the product – Remember I won a selfie contest last year sponsored by Grazia? They gave me a huge goodie bag and the Anti-Frizz Leave-in cream was one of the products. This is something I actually use everyday after shampooing my hair. It is a light cream with a subtle fragrance and the best part is that it does not make the hair greasy or heavy. I use it on the ends of my damp hair and my hair stays smooth and manageable all day. Not sure if it will work on really frizzy hair but on my normal-dry hair, this product works really well. Some days when I skip a conditioner, this ensures that my hair does not become dry and tangly. Back To Life Dry Shampoo for Instant Freshness This dry shampoo (no water required) does a smooth job of absorbing excess grease & grime and revamps your hair in seconds. How to use: Shake well before use Hold can in an upright position, six inches away from the hair and spray evenly, close to the roots. Leave on for two minutes Massage and brush thoroughly. Price: Rs 550 for 125 ml My thoughts on the product – This was another product inside the Grazia goodie bag so I’ve been using it for quite sometime. I’ll be honest here. Dry shampoo is not something I prefer because I need the feel of water and lather on my scalp. But, when you are travelling or out somewhere and see your hair falling flat and greasy, a few sprays of dry shampoo can be such a boon. It comes in a spray can and when sprayed on to the hair roots, immediately sucks any oil or greasiness and adds volume. The only con is that it leaves behind a white residue on the hair so make sure you brush it properly. A very handy thing to have in your bag! Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine This hair polish gives even the dullest hair a glossy, smooth finish. It gives a maximum shine with a minimum fuss. How to use: Use on dry hair Shake well before use Hold can six inches away and spray a light mist evenly around the hair, focusing on mid-length and ends. Price: Rs 550 for 125 ml My thoughts on the product – Again, a great product to use on the go. I spray on dry hair, wait a minute or so and then brush/comb as usual. It does not give me mirror-like shine but I can see my hair looking a lot more healthy and full of life. This is particularly good for dry and dull hair which does not have too much shine on its own. The product does not make hair greasy or irritates the scalp. The BBLUNT products are of great quality, they show results and best thing is that they are quite affordable. I recommend! Check  out the article here.
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