Prettiest Date Night Hairstyles

Picture this, your special date night is approaching and you have picked out the perfect outfit and lined up your makeup but hold the horses, what will you do with your hair? The perfect hairstyle can make or break any look. Pair the sassiest outfit with shabby hair and your whole ensemble will go for a toss. And worst of all what if you have your arch enemy, a bad hair day, attack you on your day! Do not let anything stop you from having glamorous and chic hair that looks as stunning as your personality. Check out these easy styles that will have your partner asking you out for another date!
bouffant hairstyles Courtesy: Pinterest| @stylebistro

1. Half-Up Bouffant

If you have a candle-lit dinner date planned and want to add some oomph to your style then go for the chic half-up bouffant hairstyle. Start with spraying some of the Then curl your hair section by section. The next step is to backcomb the curls to add more volume. Finally, take half the hair from both the sides and clip the same with the help of some bobby pins. You can leave some strands out for a more charming effect.
wavy hairstyles Courtesy: Instagram| @karishmatanna

2. Teased Waves

If you are looking to add a touch of casual sexy glam to your date outfit than nothing can fit better than the unfettered and totally carefree teased wavy hairstyle. Although you need to be careful as buoyant curls tend to attract a lot of attention. Prep your hair first with the Then blow-dry with a large round brush, pulling hair up and out to create a lift at the roots. Then create big curls with a curling iron. Finally, brush through the curls to tease the crown. Voila!
top knot hairstyles Courtesy: Instagram| @shahdaisy

3. Top Knot

The top knot hairstyle makes a chic and powerful statement. It adds the classy factor to any outfit when done right. To achieve a sleek look, dampen hair from roots to ends with the This will ensure you have smooth strands to work with, no matter what the weather is outside. Then pull the strands back into a high ponytail on top of the head and secure with an elastic. Wind the ponytail into a knot that's shaped in a doughnut. And just like that, you are ready to make the perfect first impression!
straight hairstyles Courtesy: Instagram| @vaanikapoor

4. Poker Straight

Can it get any more polished than these shiny sexy strands? This is perfect if you are running late and do not have much time on hands, since this look will not take you more than a few minutes. Start by prepping your hair for straightening with the which will ensure you have smooth and manageable hair to work with. Then run a straightening iron through hair that has been blown out with a bristle brush. Finish by spraying the that is brighter than a diamond!
half bun hairstyles Courtesy: Instagram| @dianapenty

5. Halfsie

Give a flattering uplift to any outfit, whether you have a shimmering dress or a casual set of separates with this dapper hairstyle. Perfect for a day or night look. All you need to do to create this hairstyle is take half your hair up and tie it in a messy bun. You can either leave the rest of the hair in its natural form or create some twirls. There, with these hairstyles, you will be all set to look hot and glamorous to blow your date’s mind away! If you love Bollywood celebs and want to take some ‘maneinspiration’ from them, then definitely have a look at the Best Hair Looks Of Anushka Sharma
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