Priyanka Chopra For New You – Decoded

Priyanka Chopra featured on the cover of New You Magazine! It’s no surprise, considering this Bollywood starlet who has captured the hearts of many is now taking over Hollywood too. From being the leading lady of Bollywood, she’s now the leading lady of ABC’s new thriller-drama Quantico. Her hard working and bold nature has created a lot of international buzz. We’re pretty sure she will continue to take over the world with her immense talent. Along with her sultry look on this magazine cover, her hair is quite the showstopper as well. Now we can’t promise you PC’s exact look, but we sure can try! Priyanka Chopra For New You – Decoded Step 1 Take a small amount of BBLUNT’s Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream and apply evenly – focus on mid lengths and ends. Keep away from your scalp. You can spread it around with a wide toothed comb to ensure the leave-in cream is spread evenly. Your waves will be frizz-free & look tousled but tamed! 2 Step 2 Spray BBLUNT’s Blown Away Volumizing Leave-In Spray evenly at the root area to create maximum volume in the crown section of your hair. This way you’ll get the height you desire and get that big & bold look that PC is sporting! Step 3 Attach the diffuser to BBLUNT’s iR Professional Hair Dryer. Change the setting to slow speed and medium heat. Gather the lengths of your hair into your diffuser and continue drying section by section. Use your hands to scrunch and fix your hair into place. This your waves will look more effortless and natural just like Priyanka Chopra’s. 3 Try these 3 steps in getting wonderfully tamed waves just like our power woman PC and start taking over the world too!
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