7 Monday Morning Hairstyles You Can Do In 5 Minutes

After a fantastic weekend, Mondays are for letting you sleep that extra 15 minutes. Not for blow- drying, curling or straightening! So we are dubbing Mondays to a strict shampoo free zone. Here are 7 hairstyles that will let you sleep an extra 15 minutes! 7 Monday Morning Hairstyles You Can Do In 5 Minutes 1. Half - up, half - down bun This is an upgraded version of the half-up ponytail, just as easy and twice as chic. Just loop your half – up ponytail into a bun! No one will suspect you did your hair while waiting for your ride! 2. The Messiest of Messy Low Buns With this style all you need is to be lazy! It even works with unwashed hair. Haven’t brushed your hair since Saturday (no judgment.) Mess it up even more and give yourself the messiest of messy low buns. 3. Bobby Pin Art Pull back your hair and secure it with bobby pins in the shape of a triangle or square, done! People will think you labored over the design, but it will only take you a minute! 4. Braid it all the way If you have some hands on experience with braiding your hair, then don’t be ashamed to use them, especially on second day hair! You can work with messy braids, simple braids, fishtail braids and even a braid in braid! 5. Connect the braids When you wake up and your hairline is greasier than it was the night before, braid it. Braid a piece from each side of your head, stop where they meet, twist them and tie them together! 6. Voluminous Low Pony tail Well this is Milan fashion at your doorstep in lest than 5 minutes! It is the ultimate no- fuss hairstyle. This works best for straightened hair from previous days or if you have silky straight hair. Pull your hair tight into a ponytail and then lift a few pieces right above the hair tie. This bit ensures that you won’t look like you just rolled out of bed. 7. Top -knot messy bun When all else fails we are lucky that we can always rely on the messy bun! This look is more put together and all you need to do is tie a high ponytail and then twist it around the center or you could use a donut to add more perfection to the look.
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