4 Quick Fixes For All Your Hair Mistakes

Has a bad haircut ruined your week? Is there more product on your head than mane? Take a look at these fixes for those mane mistakes. We all go through them, but you can solve them instead of living with them!

4 Quick Fixes For All Your Hair Mistakes

1. Turn those bad bangs around Always be sure to keep those bangs trimmed! They̢‰re an essential part of your hairstyle. If you don̢‰t have time to go to the salon, you can try trimming it yourself to avoid a bad bang day. Make sure your bangs are dry to understand the length correctly. Use sharp fine- tipped scissors and a patient steady hand to make the chop.

2. Detangle mission Make sure you don̢‰t panic and tug. This situation can be controlled. Remove as much hair you can with your fingers and clip up the freed tresses as you move along. With a few tools, you can get the rest out! You need a rattail comb, knitting needle or a similar skinny stick and use the pointed tip to loosen the remaining part of your hair bit by bit.

3. Locks looking dull? Make your hair as dry as possible. Hold a two-inch section of your hair straight up then move your hair up and down over the backside only. Get any look pumped up with this trick! You don̢‰t have to deal with dullness anymore.

4. Prevent too much product on your hair Apply the product from the nape of your neck. When you start working from the under sections of your hair, the bulk of the product will get deposited in the least noticeable places. Always start with a small amount of product at first to avoid chances of excessive build-up in the hair.

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