Relaxing Your Hair ̢‰ All The Pros And Cons You Need To Know

Thinking of relaxing your hair? Well, take a look at the pros and cons before you do. It̢‰s the battle between natural and chemical. Let's see who you think will emerge victoriously? Your hair stays silky and smooth with the treatment, natural hair has its frequent ups and downs.

Relaxing Your Hair ̢‰ All The Pros And Cons You Need To Know


1. Easy to manage Once you have relaxed your hair, it becomes so much easier to manage. You can just wash your hair and leave your house, without hair care in the world.

2. Wish upon a style Any hairstyle is easy and looks great on your well-groomed mane. You leave it down or put it up, braid it, curl it, and it will always make you look glamorous.

3. Mane is on point The compliments will keep rolling in with this new look. You don̢‰t ever have to worry about your mane looking dishevelled, once you have relaxed it.


1. Touch it up Having well-groomed hair does come with a price! You need to touch it up at least every 6 weeks to three months. The in-between stage of your hair growth and the treatment wearing off is not the most flattering hair phase you should maintain.

2. Damaging effect The chemicals in the relaxing treatment, damage your hair over a period of time. It ultimately ruins your natural hair texture and thickness.

3. Say no to other treatments Once you have relaxed your hair, your stylist will not recommend you to colour your hair or carry out any other treatments for your hair. The chemical treatment is already a lot for your hair to take.

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