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Ribbons and Bows XOXO reviews BBLUNT's Intense Moisture Conditioner. Read about it here:
Recently my dad came from the U.S. bearing gifts! Okay, not gifts but rather things that I had requested. Some shampoos and conditioner, along with a few other hair care products that you don’t get as easily in Mumbai but I have managed to find a few places you can try your luck. I’ve also included a few items I have purchased in Mumbai itself so these items are definitely accessible.
 BBlunt Intense Moisture Conditioner For Seriously Dry Hair
I decided to try this out after hearing about BBLUNT and considering it’s made specifically for Indian hair it seemed like a safe bet. Despite the cheap packaging/conditioner, the conditioner is good, and the spout helps you to use the right amount rather than squirting out more than you need, plus the container is designed with the spout on the bottom so no product goes to waste.
Availability: I purchased this from purplle.com which I highly recommend as I got a 20% discount with PayTM so it came down from 375RS to 300RS and it was delivered the next day itself, so no need to wait!
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