Rock On 2 Concert Hairstyle Looks

This November is going to be one rocking month! Rock On 2 hits theatres on November 11, with a mind blowing cast. We are so excited to have styled these talented actors, check out their concert looks here! Rock On 2 Concert Hairstyle Looks Shraddha Kapoor Rock On Hairstyle 1. Shraddha Kapoor It’s hard to take your eyes off this gorgeous beauty, don’t you think? This black and gold ensemble together with a sleek straight hairstyle looked perfect on stage. While the actress sang the hit numbers, her hair added the right amount of drama to her look. far 2. Farhan Akhtar This talented actor and singer blew the crowd and their hearts away! The rock star look was just a little too sexy to handle. Farhan Akhtar sported a crew cut with a thick rugged beard and we are still getting over how hot he looked. To nail a perfect beard is quite a task, so gentlemen if you want this look, take note that you need to do it right! arj 3. Arjun Rampal The short haircut with a beard stubble has never looked this good! Arjun Rampal, who made a grand entrance to the concert, looked dashing and stylish as ever. If you are going for the rock star look, you should definitely try this! Purabh Kohli Rock On Hairstyle 4. Purab Kohli Shall we have the last dance? The other bad boy of Rock On 2, sported a buzz cut with his leather jacket and looked fine doing it.
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