Runway Hairstyles With Maia Sethna

Get Runway Ready looks at home !!! I like to call this one 'Te Twisted Ponytail ? I've walked down the runway with hairstyles that look like they took time, effort, skill, and a range of products to achieve but trust me with BBLUNT getting salon like hair at home is easy. Here I've recreated for you all a runway-worthy hairstyle that is so quick and easy that you۪ll be outta the bathroom faster than it takes to make breakfast. 1. Gather up a thick section of hair from front left, and start twisting it. 2. Keep twisting this section while picking up more hair and adding to the section as you roll it to the right side, keeping the twists tight. 3. Just secure all your hair with a clear elastic once you've reached the right side of your head. 4. Just spritz BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine to your do to add gloss & glam, and to keep the twist together. Generally speaking, ponytails have a bad rep for being a lazy girl's hairstyle. But anyone who has seen structured & sleek ponytails on the runway knows that they have major potential. So dress up your style by adding a rolling twist and you won't be sorry
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