BBLUNT's Dry Shampoo A Breakthrough - The Hindu Business Line

Two weeks ago, BBLUNT highlighted the promise of shampooing your hair without using a drop of water. Called ‘My Dirty Little Secret’, the digital advertising campaign highlights the BBLUNT range of dry shampoos. The product comes in a spray can and consumers just need to spray it on their scalp and wipe it off with a towel. Your hair has been shampooed in no time, and without water. The company behind the potentially breakthrough product has been an outsider, who has no major stake in either detergents or shampoos. The BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoos come from the brand that has a popular chain of salons, where Godrej owns a stake.   Of course, the key to these products gaining mass acceptance is the pricing. To paraphrase Edison, will these companies make dry shampoos so cheap that only the rich will continue to wash their hair with water? That’s a question that could be answered a decade from now, if not earlier. Read the full article here.
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