Say Goodbye To Static Hair - 6 Easy Ways To Control Your Static Hair

Don۪t we all hate it when our hair spoils our entire look? But you don۪t have to live with that problem for long! Follow these few tricks for static free hair days. Your hair will always be ready for all those surprise-night outs. Say Goodbye To Static Hair - 6 Easy Ways To Control Your Static Hair 1. Rub Some Lotion Apply some hand lotion on to your hair to curb those flyaways and keep your static hair in control. Put a few dollops on your hand and run your fingers through your hair and you will see the difference! 2. Use A Leave In Cream Your answer to that static situation comes in a bottle. With a few drops of the leave-in cream, say goodbye to that frizz! Get silky smooth hair sans frizz. 3. Change That Comb A rubber or a metal comb works best to get rid of your static hair. Stay away from those plastic combs and say hello to frizz free & fabulous hair! 4. Started From The Bottom Rubber-soled shoes accumulate electrical charge and are one of the main causes of static hair. So next time you go shopping, buy your shoes wisely! 5. Go Natural Use a natural bristle brush to prevent that frizz. It may be more expensive, but it works best to distribute those natural oils evenly throughout your hair. Get less frizz and more shine with those natural bristles. 6. Heat Protectant Always Works Protect your hair from the sun and styling heat with some heat protectant. This will also help in reducing chances of frizz and improve the quality of your hair.
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