Scherezade Shroff Cut Off Her Hair For Charity. Will you?

#SherryGoesShort was covered in Vogue. Adhuna Akhtar chopped it all off for Scherezade Shroff for a good cause. Check out what Vogue has to say about this great initiative. You know what۪s better than chopping off your long locks for a sassy new bob? Donating all that beautiful, healthy hair to someone who۪s in need of it. For years, celebrity hairstylist Adhuna Akhtar, through her salon chain BBlunt, has urged people to donate their hair to support Hair Aid, a non-profit organisation that creates wigs for people undergoing hair loss due to medical conditions and treatments such as chemotherapy. Carrying this initiative forward, Akhtar got together with blogger Scherezade Shroff to give the digital star a makeover, who, in turn, donated the hair to the cause. On this experience, Shroff says, I have been contemplating cutting my hair for a few months now. I haven۪t had short hair for over 10 years, so I was a little nervous. However, it was for a great cause and I۪m glad BBlunt and I came together to support Hair Aid. And here I am now, with a gorgeous bob given by my favorite stylist, Adhuna Akhtar۝. With the fun activity that was put on tape for a video that Shroff shared on her YouTube channel, Akhtar wants to encourage people to come forward and join in. I have been supporting the Hair Aid initiative for some years now. The team at BBlunt and I think it۪s a wonderful idea to donate hair to create wigs for survivors. It۪s great to see a lot of people coming forward to support this idea. I think everybody out there should go ahead and support this initiative and donate for a good cause!۝ she says. If a great hair makeover can boost the confidence of someone fighting illness, a haircut appointment is indeed due. Check out the whole article here.
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