4 Sexy Styles To Flaunt Your Mane

Your hair should mean the world to you! It’s what defines you and what showcases your personality. Don’t just settle for a boring hairstyle, after all, what’s life without a great hairstyle? There are multiple ways in which we can wear our hair. Prep it, style it and flaunt it! Check out some sexy styles to flaunt your mane and your personality. 4 Sexy Styles To Flaunt Your Mane 1. Pixies to make you a Dixie Chick From Kaley Cuoco to Halle Berry, they chopped off their silky tresses for the ultimate cut down to bare essentials. Not only is it empowering, but it also breaks gender barriers to don you a differentiated spark. Are you bold and blunt enough to try this one? 2. Cause Messy is Sexy Unless you’re a neat-freak, you shouldn’t have any problem flaunting this universally accepted symbol of raw sex appeal. The messy bun has imprinted its mark on millions and is here to stay, be it at a date-lunch or a dinner at the Presidential Palace; this is your go-to style. The beauty of it lies in how you can morph it for any occasion. 3. The Double Pony Volume! Volume! Volume! Who knew a couple of ponies could boost your hair so effortlessly? This style strictly abides by the mantra two is better than one! 4. The Bang Twist If you’ve ever had hair in your life, you’ve most likely encountered the obnoxious oily-hair problem. No matter that, cause there’s a quick fix for this mess. Twist your bangs and clip it back and you will see your problems pushed (back).
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