Shahrukh Khan's Hairstyles Over The Years

What does it take to rule the Bollywood industry and be a global superstar? The right balance of talent, style and business sense of course! Who else is a better example of a global Bollywood icon that the one and only Shahrukh Khan! King Khan has set a benchmark for actors everywhere through not only his talent in movies but also his changing hairstyles. From Baazigar to Zero, Shahrukh Khan has really experimented with his characters and style. Let us take a look at King Khan’s hair evolution over the years.
ddlj hairstyle
Courtesy: Instagram| shahrukh._.khan

1. The Mullet

Shahrukh Khan proclaimed the title of the ‘king of romance’ through his extraordinary performance in his iconic movie, DDLJ. Everything from this movie has remained iconic till date, be it the clothes or hairstyles. After the movie released, Shahrukh’s mullet hairstyle could be seen everywhere. It is not too late to try this look! Just use some of the to style this look, which will give your hair a flexible hold and the perfect matte finish to keep it casual.
slicked back gel hair
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2. The Gelled Look

After seeing the chocolate boy Rahul on screen, every girl dreamed of meeting her own version of Rahul for days on end. Shahrukh aced the role of the cool dude, making every girl fancy a boy like his character. The sleek pulled back gelled hair look made us all fall in love with SRK and is totally one of our favourite hairstyles! Gelled hair never goes out of style and you can ace that perfect hairdo by using the
messy locks
Courtesy: inuth

3. The Messy Locks

Shahrukh went all out to do justice to his character as a villain in the movie, Don. The twisted and messy strands looked incredibly sexy. Plus, they go well with different kinds of fashion statements. If you are a guy who loves his long locks, then it cannot get better than this hairstyle. It gives the perfect feel of a grungy yet sexy look.
spikes hairstyle
Courtesy: Instagram| @_srkworld_

4. The Spikes

Don was such a huge success that the makers added a sequel. This time, Shahrukh embraced a deadly combination of all-black ensembles, aviators and don’t-care-a-damn attitude. When it came to the hairstyle, he went for the slightly messy spikes look. While spikes have been the top favourite for many men, styling it the right way is important. Use the as it will give you the maximum hold, control & shine.
men coloured hair
Courtesy Instagram| @iamsrk

5. Copper Locks

Recently, Shahrukh decided to change his personal style and went ahead and dipped his mane in a copper hair colour shade. We are not complaining as we think this hairstyle really suits him and brings out his charming features more. If you too want to try your hand at this hair colour shade but are afraid to make the commitment, then get the Be ready to grab all the eyeballs the moment you walk into a party! Is it any wonder that Shahrukh Khan is truly the king of romance? If you are person allured by the other celebs of Bollywood, then do check out, Tiger Shroff’s Trending Hairstyles
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