How To Groom Your Beard Like Shahid Kapoor

From the baby-faced boy who stole our hearts to the muscular maverick in Udta Punjab, Shahid Kapoor has truly undergone an evolution. One of the biggest factors behind this transformation has been his beard. Thick and well groomed, it’s hard not to be impressed. Join us as we take inspiration from Shahid’s incredible beard game! How To Groom Your Beard Like Shahid Kapoor

Twirl It Like A Boss

1. Twirl It Like A Boss
Crisp and clean, Shahid truly rocks the mustache. The low beard and the short sides create a more mature look. Maybe even Ravindra Jadeja and Shakhar Dhawan have been taking inspiration from Shahid’s twirl! Keep the mustache primed with regular maintenance and loving twirls.

Thick and Full

2. Thick and Full
Based on your hair growth and type of hair, learn what works best for you. In Shahid’s case his straight and thick facial hair make this an easy look on him.

Use Hair Accessories

3. Use Hair Accessories
Not every day can be a good hair day, even in Shahid’s case! Some days, it’s good to mix it up with a cap. There are a lot of different types of caps. Find a stylish one that suits your facial structure and your beard! Avoid bad hair days with BBLUNT 3D Texturizing Paste!

Learn What Works For You

4. Learn What Works For You
It’s important to know yourself. In the case of Shahid, a full beard suits his pear-shaped face and builds an enviable jawline. Find what works for you! Not enough? Check out #BreakTheBeard Challenge!

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