5 New Shahid Kapoor Hairstyles You Need To Try

Courtesy: India Today From the cute chocolate boy to the rowdy rugged look – Shahid Kapoor has done it all. As if his face wasn’t enough to steal hearts, even his hair looks super sexy, no matter what style he’s flaunting. While all the girls dream of getting him, all the guys secretly dream of getting his hair. Well, with the right styling and products, nothing is impossible boys! Check out 3 hairstyles from this Bollywood hair god that you can also try out – 3 Shahid Kapoor Hairstyles You Need to Try

Shahid Kapoor Best Hairstyles

Courtesy: GQ India

1. The Pompadour This one’s not an easy hairstyle, but Shahid Kapoor pulls it off with ease because well, that’s what hair gods do. If you want to give this 1950s hairstyle a throwback as well, follow these steps – Step 1 Grow your hair out, then get the right haircut. Ask your barber to go shorter on the sides and leave layered length on top. Step 2 Style it carefully. On wet hair, comb the BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel back from your forehead all the way back to the roots. Blow-dry the hair back and up, creating height from roots to the tip. Step 3 The final touch – once your hair dries, use your fingers to apply some more BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gelto define the individual pieces as you like. Finish it with the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polishspray for instant shine andFriday Night Fever Trio and set the look.

Shahid Kapoor Messy Hair

Courtesy: Zee News

2. The Straight Shag Shahid Kapoor is out to break hearts with this messy look and a rough beard. It’s the perfect look for when you want to go casual and carefree. It’s easy to achieve this straight shag look as well! Follow the steps – Step 1 If you have short hair, grow your hair out to medium-long length. The haircut comprises of long hair in the front and medium layers at the back. Step 2 Tousle the hair to get the messy look and use the BBLUNT itMATTers Zero Shine Moulding Clay for the just-got-out-of-bed feel. Now you’re all set to keep the look on-point all day.

Shahid Kapoor Man Bun

Courtesy: Instragram @shahidkapoor

3. The Man Bun Oh, the man buns. If there’s anyone in the industry who can pull of a man bun and make girls swoon, it’s Shahid Kapoor. Perfect hair, perfect beard, perfect attitude – he’s blessed with all three. If you’re also bold enough to sport a man bun, we’re here to help you. Here’s the low-down – Step 1 Any cut with long hair is okay, as long as there’s enough to hair to put in a bun. But to keep the hair on the sides and back short, and the hair on the top long. Step 2 Apply the BBLUNT 3D Texturizing Wax Paste and comb your hair out. Make a clean parting on both sides to get all the top hair, put it in a bun and tie it in a top knot. Now all you need to do is rock that man bun with your attitude. Want more hairstyle inspiration from Shahid Kapoor? Check out these Shahid Kapoor Hairstyle Looks.

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