Sherry Shroff’s Top BBLUNT Picks

With great power comes great responsibility. When you have that precious mane on your head, harnessing this power can be challenging. Worry not, we’ve got Sherry Shroff on board, with some of her favourite picks! Sherry Shroff’s Top BBLUNT Picks 1. Go Intense Or Go Home The BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair serum is one of our expert’s favourites! Designed to protect against heat damage, it is a necessity in the harsh Indian climate! What are you waiting for? You gotta safeguard that darling crown! We promise this serum will not have you screaming ‘mayday, mayday, mane down!!”! Sherry’s top tip is that before we boost our hair, we must protect it first! The harsh hot Indian climate means hair care must not be ignored. Safety first! 2. This Quickie Ain’t Tricky Zany, wavy and whacky. Sherry Shroff has some funky expert tips on BBLUNT Colour Quickies Clip-On Hair Extension Cherry Pop Red. She believes in playing it bold with a splash of red, but she’s all for experimenting with these extensions that also come in 2 other colours, which are cotton candy pink and purple haze. All we want is for you to flaunt it right! Use these colour variations to throw up surprises! Armed with Sherry Shroff’s hair tips, they aren’t going to know what’s hit them! Have a look at Are You Using Your Hair Serum Correctly?
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