Shifa Merchant Reviews The BBLUNT Beach Please And Spring Fling Dry Shampoos

BBLUNT India recently launched their new variants of “Dry Shampoos” which are a total saviour especially during these rains that cause grease and oil to accumulate in excess on our hair on a daily basis. I realized the importance of “Dry Shampoos” when I had to travel for two shoots on the same day which required me to go from straightened bangs to voluminous tresses and boy did these newly launched dry shampoos come out to play and how!!! Dry Shampoos are your best friends for days when you do not have the time to shampoo your hair and within seconds the spray adds shine and gives you voluminous, oil free and clean, just shampooed like texture to your hair. BBLUNT-DRY-SHAMPOO-2 All you need to do is, shake the bottle and spray it on your hair (6 inches away), closer to the roots all the way to the mid-lengths. I like to use a slim comb and I just run it through my hair gently right after I rub my hair with both hands and blend the dry shampoo well. Blending is the key to getting the perfect silky and smooth texture. So you can now imagine my excitement when I heard about the two new dry shampoo variants launched by BBLUNT India. Here is my detailed review : BBLUNT-DRY-SHAMPOO Back To Life Dry Shampoo For Instant Freshness (Beach Please) – With these two Dry Shampoo variants by BBLUNT India, instant freshness is truly a spray away. I would suggest you opt for this yellow bottle for a smooth texture. This Dry Shampoo has been designed specially to not only improve your hair texture but to also add a shine on them. Both the variants contain micro-crystalline starch and the Beach Please variant has been designed to give your tresses a completely fresh experience. Once you have sprayed the product on, make sure to always leave it on for 2 minutes before you start brushing and rubbing your hair. If you have dry and frizzy hair then this baby will work wonders on your hair. BBLUNT-DRY-SHAMPOO Back To Life Dry Shampoo For Instant Freshness (Spring Fling) The Spring Fling variant of the newly launched Dry Shampoo by BBLUNT India will simply add volume to your hair apart from taking care of all the excess grime, dirt and oil. If you know your texture isn’t the issue at hand, but you do not want your hair to look “chipkoo” due to the excess oil and you need instant volume along with clean looking hair then opt for this variant. My hair had a natural bounce and I was ready to take on my day with tresses that work their magic just with a spray!!! The formula is so easy to blend on the hair and I love the fragrance this one has. Excellent finish and brand new hair awaits you! Just shake and spray it on your dry hair (do not wet it), leave for 2 minutes and rub it in nicely, yes that’s all. BBLUNT-DRY-SHAMPOO Yes, do not fret if you have no time to shampoo girls!! Instead, have a look at the 2 newly launched Dry Shampoo variants by BBLUNT India and pick your favourite one that suits your mane, or maybe opt for both just like me for all days!!!
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