Shivani Patil Shows How To Rock Hairstyles This Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s love yourself more by rocking this amazing hairstyle done by one of the Insta age influencers. Learn from the very stunning, amazing and super gorgeous Shivani Patil from the F Drug, how to get ready for Valentine’s with beachy waves!


Read on to get your hair styling this Valentine’s Day:


Step 1: Brush out your hair and make it smooth and detangled. Spray some of the BBLUNT Hot Shot Heat Protection Hair Mist which is meant for damage-free and frizz-free styling!


Step 2: Now, with the help of a crimping machine start grabbing sections of your hair and wrap around the crimping machine


Step 3: Run your fingers through your hair and loosen up the waves


Step 4: Flaunt your easy breezy beachy waves and up your hair game


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You can watch the full hairstyle video here.


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