Latest Short Hair Trends You Need To Know

Take the plunge and go short! Ladies, go for the short chop and you will not regret it. We have rounded up the top 4 trends for the year that still continue to be the showstoppers. Go ahead and check out a style that would suit you. Latest Short Hair Trends You Need To Know The Bold Bob Courtesy: Short Haircuts 1. The Bold Bob The bob is one cut that will never go out of style! It looks fresh and is easy to maintain. For a constant thick texture that looks uber-cool, the bob is the way to go. The Badass Buzz Courtesy: Pinterest 2. The Badass Buzz Let those sharp features and empowering attitude out with a buzz cut. You can style the cut with chunky accessories and you are ready to go! The Seductive Shag Courtesy: Pinterest 3. The Seductive Shag It’s sexy, it’s stylish and adds the perfect oomph to your personality. The shag cut with long bangs is a haircut that will always be pleasing to the eye. If you don’t want to go too short or leave it long, the shag cut should be on top of your list! The Playful Pixie Courtesy: Pinterest 4. The Playful Pixie Experiment with a pixie that is shorter at the nape and gets longer around the face. This look is versatile and needs 5 minutes to style! Whoever said you can’t get a funky look within minutes, never tried the pixie cut.
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