3 Summer Hairstyles For Short Hair You Must Try

Who says you can’t be creative with short hair? Just because you don’t have a long length, doesn’t mean you can’t style it up in unique ways and flaunt your hairstyles! This summer, when everyone else is finding ways to beat the heat and tie their hair up, you can enjoy the freedom of short hair and go all out to style it up and have fun with your hair. Check out these 3 easy hairstyles that you can try this summer 3 Summer Hairstyles For Short Hair You Must Try Cara Delevingne Hairstyles Courtesy: PopSugar 1. Single Braid Cara Delevingne is an international sensation and known for making big statements with her short hairstyles. So do you have a bob like her that isn’t long enough to pull back? Don’t worry! Try this edgy braid like Cara. Follow the steps to get this look Step 1 Use the BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave In Cream on damp hair before you begin styling to keep the frizz at bay. Start from the mid lengths towards the ends of your hair. Step 2 Once the hair has dried, part your hair to the side and braid one side of your hair into a single braid. Pull the braid towards your nape and secure it with a pin behind your ears. Step 3 Finish the look by spraying the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine and you’re done! Best Coachella 2018 Hairstyles Courtesy: Instagram | @veronicaferraro 2. Short Pigtails Given up on braids and pigtails since you chopped your hair? Well, it’s time to bring them back in style. Try this cool pigtail hairstyle with accessories to spruce up the look for a hot summer day. Follow the steps to get the look. Step 1 Use the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum on damp hair to make sure your hair is smooth and sleek for styling. Step 2 Part your hair into two sections from the middle. Now take each section and start braiding your hair from your forehead. Once braided, pin the ends of the braids to the back of your head to get the look. Step 3 Add small flowers or hair stickers to the braids and accessorize it the way you want. It’s the perfect daytime hairstyle! Freida Pinto Hairstyles Courtesy: Pinterest 3. Sleek Wavy Bob Freida Pinto has been carrying off the chic bob look like a total boss for quite some time now. With a hairstyle like that, there’s plenty of room to play around with your look. It can be a messy, crimped bob for an edgy feel or a high-fashion sleek wavy bob that will be perfect for a cocktail party. It all depends on your mood! Let’s check out how to get Freida’s sleek and chic bob – Step 1 Apply the BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream to damp hair to get a sleek and smooth look without any frizz or fly-aways. Give your hair a wavy shape with your fingers while still damp. Step 2 Part your hair to one side and then create one big wave on the side with your fingers. Using a curling iron, curl the ends of the front section. If your hair is too straight, dampen your hair a little and take a coin-sized amount of the BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel. Apply the gel to get the desired look. Step 3 Use the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine to give it the spotlight finish it deserves and your look is complete! Short hair, don’t care? That’s right. No more compromise when it comes to hairstyling! Need more hairstyle tips for short hair? Check out these 3 Short Hairstyles For Indian Weddings.
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